Wandering Wednesday: Brandenburg Park

I had every intention of arriving at my destination, this week the Brandenburg Park located in Chesterfield Michigan well before noon to reduce the risk pf running into large crowds of people.  Suffice to say that not only did I not only arrive well after noon, but this 17 acre park that sits off the coast of Anchor Bay which is apart of Lake St.Clair. This place was packed with people. Capturing landscape photos in crowds can be a bit of a challenge as you do not wish to photograph unsuspecting bystanders. Nor do they I assume, wish to be photographed. At least not by some random guy who seems to be aimlessly wandering around.

a gravel trail that wraps around Brandenburg Park. On the Right you can see Anchor Bay leading out to Lake St.Clair
Light posts line the sidewalk that leads to the fishermen's Warf at Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield Michigan
Several piers where you can launch your boat in Anchor Bay.

Honestly though with the amount amenities that Brandenburg Memorial Park has to offer I can see why it was so crowded. A giant fishermen’s Warf, several playgrounds, a giant splash pad, a basket ball court, a tennis court to name a few.

A sign left by the Brandenburg Park Shoreline Restoration Project,

It would also seem that the shoreline underwent some restoration and was suppose to be complete in the spring of this year but, much of the shoreline is still sectioned off as of my trip. Perhaps this will change in the future.

The Local Wildlife

A great blue heron perched on some lake rocks at Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield Michigan

As luck would have it a this Great Blue Herron was hanging out some of the rocks in the bay. I watched this more or less stay in one place for about 20 minutes before moving on. Herons are difficult to distinguish between male and female but the males tend to be larger than the females.

A pair of gulls on lake rocks at Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield Michigan

Gulls were also dotting several areas around the park but this pair resting on some of the rocks of the bay caught my eye. The bird on the left in the photo looks as though it’s Herring Gull though I could be mistaken, while the one on the right appears to be a California Gull. Next time I go out into the field I should probably brush up on my birding…

For more information on Brandenburg Park please visit the links below.


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