PhotoArt Friday: Snow People

The only people I know who are happy with how freaking cold it is outside! Stay warm out there!


Or that’s what this frog would have you believe. Sure he’s wearing a crown like he’s some sort of prince from a far off land, but I don’t buy his story. I mean it was ribbiting, but it all just doesn’t add up! Hopefully these puns won’t make you croak. Best to hop along theContinue reading “Charming”

Photo Art Friday: Belle Isle On a Starry Night

Not exactly something you would see unless all the lights in the city were to go out again like it did during the great north east black out of 2003. I included the original of what the final product is based off of becuase why not?

Forest in Pink

Hopefully you are enjoying your memorial day weekend if you are lucky to have this weekend off from work! I was fortunate to not have to go to my day/night job and got to enjoy my time at home and I spent a majority of that time editing photos. What can i say it’s oneContinue reading “Forest in Pink”