Monochrome Monday: Tiki Umbrella

Big thanks to the nice people on reddit for helping me with identifying this particular fungi! This fungus is also known by the name of Pleated Inkcap and is actually quite common as it can be seen all over Europe and in North America. Fun Fact: The mushroom will develop overnight after rainfall. As itContinue reading “Monochrome Monday: Tiki Umbrella”

Mushroom Madness: Dryads Saddle

A fairly common mushroom . The name Dryad Saddle comes from Greek mythology, it was said that Dryads, or tree nymphs’ would travel by riding on the backs of these mushroom’s. Dryad Saddles are sometimes called pheasant back mushrooms due to the how the coloring of the cap looks similar to that of a pheasant.Continue reading “Mushroom Madness: Dryads Saddle”