A Gift

Hope you are having a wonderful day and if you celebrate it hopefully you are having a fantastic Christmas Day!


This was taken back in November of 2021 or two or three weeks ago. Winter, like any other season in Michigan seems more like a suggestion than an expectation.  Although to be fair, winter does not technically begin until the 21st of December at least if you happen to be living in the Northern Hemisphere.Continue reading “Cold”


This was taken back in April or May at Skate World a local skating rink in the suburbs of Detroit. It was a fun night despite the fact that you cannot wear hats while skating. I guess if one’s hat were to fall off it could probably get in the wheels of another skaters wheelsContinue reading “Colorful”


Or that’s what this frog would have you believe. Sure he’s wearing a crown like he’s some sort of prince from a far off land, but I don’t buy his story. I mean it was ribbiting, but it all just doesn’t add up! Hopefully these puns won’t make you croak. Best to hop along theContinue reading “Charming”


In the foreground we see one Mr.Copper and in the distance in you can see one Mr.Finn peaking out of the hall to see if there are cookies being consumed. They were not because I need to go to the store to buy these poor, poor puppers some cookies. Tune in tomorrow for the nextContinue reading “Distance”

31 Day photo Challenge

In the interest of trying something new, and because I am currently unable to wander regularly on Wednesdays for the duration of the holiday season I have decided to give this photo challenge a try. What about the monochrome Monday’s and the Friday’s that are filled with photo art? Those will still happen! I knowContinue reading “31 Day photo Challenge”