7 Merits of Photo Challenges

It’s fun! It gives you an opportunity to do something new creatively. Taking photos consistently will help you improve as a photographer. Sometimes depending on who issues the challenge you can potentially earn money and other prizes. It gives you an excuse to start taking photos. It can get you out of your comfort zone.Continue reading “7 Merits of Photo Challenges”

Monochrome Vs. Selective Color

The short answer is it’s all about light and hues or the lack thereof. Looking for some clarity? Well, I think I can help with that to some degree so lets dive in! Monochrome Monochrome photography employs light in differing amounts instead of color to capture or represent images. Monochrome photography takes only a singleContinue reading “Monochrome Vs. Selective Color”

Mushroom Madness: Dryads Saddle

A fairly common mushroom . The name Dryad Saddle comes from Greek mythology, it was said that Dryads, or tree nymphs’ would travel by riding on the backs of these mushroom’s. Dryad Saddles are sometimes called pheasant back mushrooms due to the how the coloring of the cap looks similar to that of a pheasant.Continue reading “Mushroom Madness: Dryads Saddle”