Excursion to River Bends Park

River Bends park is located in the city of Shelby Township Michigan. The park encompasses about 850 acres of land. It’s a fairly big park. What sets this area apart from the other parks in the area is this place is free to visit unlike the metro parks that I featured in other posts onContinue reading “Excursion to River Bends Park”

Adventures in Stony Creek: Inwood Trail

I’ve been visiting this park often throughout all of my life but for this but was the first time I ventured onto the Inwood Trail. Why did I wait so long? Well up until a few weeks ago I had no idea that it existed! The Inwood Trail is apart of the Stony Creek Metropark.Continue reading “Adventures in Stony Creek: Inwood Trail”

Adventures at Stony Creek: East Lake Trails

Note: The Nature Trail of Stony Creek is one of several trails that run through the Stony Creek Metro Park. No doubt I will at some point feature all the nature areas that this park has to offer. And trust me this park has a lot of stuff to offer! Anyways the route i’m featuringContinue reading “Adventures at Stony Creek: East Lake Trails”

Outing to Red Oaks Nature Center and Trails

The Red Oaks Nature Center and Trails is located in the City of Madison Heights. this small neighborhood park is a nice quiet escape. According to the official website the nature center offers “an outdoor component for family nature programs.” Of course the Nature Center is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak that isContinue reading “Outing to Red Oaks Nature Center and Trails”

Metro Beach Captures

Disclaimer; These photos were taken on 4-18-2020. Proper social distancing was in practice for the duration of my excursion at Lake St.Clair Metropark. Not many people were out by the Metro Beach portion of Lake St.Clair Metropark. Probably because if you wander to close to any of the lakes or rivers right now you’ll getContinue reading “Metro Beach Captures”

SIP: Day 22 Yes, I’m Still Here

And I do not feel that I shall be going anyplace anytime soon. For the most part I’m trying to stay as close to home as I can. People and by people I mean the posts on a particular social working site seem to feel that certain states are getting ready to lift some ofContinue reading “SIP: Day 22 Yes, I’m Still Here”

Adventures at Lake St.Clair Metropark

So before we get into the actual trip let me explain some background; that the city of Harrison Township can renamed the park. I always knew this place as Metro Beach but in 2012 the name was changed to Lake St.Clair Metropark. If you ask locals about this place though I’m sure most of themContinue reading “Adventures at Lake St.Clair Metropark”