Photo Art Friday: Peculiarly Curious Mysterious Terracotta Kitty

He’s a friend of the family, but what’s his deal? I could ask Old Man Long Pockets but that would require having a conversation with Old Man Long Pockets. As fun as those conversations are, if I spark up a conversation now what would we talk about when at the next family event?For now, allContinue reading “Photo Art Friday: Peculiarly Curious Mysterious Terracotta Kitty”

Melancholia Park

Fun Fact: I captured the original photo while I was out on one of my nature excursions. Unfortunately for me it began to rain. Like full on torrential downpour rain. Fortunately for me I wasn’t far from a picnic area in which i could seek shelter from the rain. I must’ve waited for a goodContinue reading “Melancholia Park”