Monochrome Monday: Detriot Riverwalk

Just a small section of the Detroit Riverwalk. The trail covers about 3.5 miles ( 5.6 km) of area along the Detroit River and offers some pretty impressive views. In this particular photo in distance you can see the Ambassador bridge which is one of two boarder crossings in the Detroit area, the other beingContinue reading “Monochrome Monday: Detriot Riverwalk”

Photo Art Friday: Orton Effect No.5 Sunrise on 13 Mile

While 13 Mile road is nowhere near as infamous as 8 mile, I’d like to think it has it’s charm all the same. Photos like the above tend to happen if I am awake during sunrise but happen to not be near a body of water. Do you think gas prices will go back downContinue reading “Photo Art Friday: Orton Effect No.5 Sunrise on 13 Mile”

Photo Art Friday: Orton Effect No.1 Early Morning Commute

This photo was made by using the Orton Effect. The Orton Effect is more often used more with nature landscape photos to give them a dream like quality but I went ahead and did an experiment with this seen from my commute in the morning.

Belle Isle: Sunset Point

Why do they call this particular spot Sunset Point? It should be obvious given how you can take awesome photographs of the City of Detroit from here at sunset. Although when i was visiting this location this past weekend, it was quite cloudy. Still, i think they’re some decent captures but you can be theContinue reading “Belle Isle: Sunset Point”