Wandering Wednesday: Firefighters Park

a statue dedicated to the troy Michigan fire deparment located in Firefighters park in Troy Michigan

This week my journey to the greener parts of Michigan brought me to a small 96 acre park known as Firefighters Park located in Troy Michigan. Since 1991, trees that are planted at this park are used to memorialize firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty hence the name Firefighters Park.

Yet another lovely overcast day…

A memorial to the fallen Fire Department members at Firefighters Park. It was built to honor those who have died after serving in the department for 10 or more years.

With the temperature being somewhere between 34° and 39°F ( 1.11°C and 3.88°C). Luck was on my side because the rain/snow mix came later on in the day, once I was back at home. That being said, the trail was extremely muddy and I suspect that shall be the case until we get into the warmer months. The amount of wildlife present in the park was more than expected. Ducks and geese were swimming in a near by pond. Some red-winged black birds were also out and about. I tried to photograph a red-winged blackbird that was in a near by tree. For whatever reason my camera which is a Cannon PowerShot SX420 IS, could not focus long enough in order for me to capture a non-blurry image of the bird. Red-winged Blackbirds just don’t seem to want me to take their photo as this is not the first time I had this problem. Further along the trail I came to a wooded area and to my surprise there was a flock of wild turkeys. Just like the ducks and geese they were also scavenging for food. It’s best to not get to close so as you don’t want to spook them. They didn’t seem to mind me too much though.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice of a park Firefighters Park is. They even have a 18 hole disc-golf course and several other amenities you can read about in one of the links that I will provide at the end of this post.

Firefighters Park Photo Gallery

For More Information

Check out these links:

http://1810 W Square Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48098


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