Wandering Wednesday: Woodland Hills Nature Park

I was going to make the attempt to visit over the course of the weekend. However, due to personal obligations and other prior engagements, I delayed my visit to Woodland Hills Nature park. I figured i could try to scope out the park on Monday but the weather was calling for a nasty snow sleet mix so, I came here we on a Tuesday day afternoon. The sun tried to escape the clouds at a few points while i was here, but it was more or less overcast. The temperature being a refreshing 35°F (1.16°C). The local weather report did not mention any precipitation, but the ice already present on the branches on all the trees were starting to thaw, so my hike was quite wet. Especially as I got further into the wooded areas.

a map of the trails located at the Woodland Hills Nature Park

Some of the trail was partially flooded, likely the result of the warming temperatures. Will this be the last we see of all the ice and snow? That’s hard to say as Michigan weather does whatever it wants to do despite our wishes. As you can see from the map there are several sections of trails for one to explore. If you are having problems with viewing this photo of the map i will include a link that gives you a pdf file of the park at the end of the post.

Ice on one of the branches of the trees at Woodland Hills Nature Park in Farmington Hills Michigan

On this excursion I hiked along the Beech-Maple, and Wild Flower trail. I went as far as the stream located along the Sumac trail but due to time constraints I had to turn around and head home. There are some steep points along the trail you should be aware of should you chose to visit Woodland Hills Nature Park at some point in the future. But i found this to be an easy hike. I’ll have to make a return trip when it’s nicer outside. Hopefully, then I’ll get some photos of the local wildlife.

Woodland Hills Nature Park Gallery

About Woodland Hills Nature Park

Woodland Hills Nature Park is located in the city of Farmington Hills Michigan. For more information about the park please follow the link here: https://fhgov.com/play,-explore-learn/parks-facilities/woodland-hills

For the map of the park I mentioned early follow the link here: https://fhgov.com/play,-explore-learn/parks-facilities/woodland-hills/brochure-woodlandhills.aspx

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