Wandering Wednesday: Habitat Island

A tree on Habitat Island near the shores of the Detroit River, in the distance you can see trees belonging to peche island

My quest to seek out the greener areas of Michigan takes us to Habitat Island located in Maheras-Gentry Park in Detroit Michigan. This hiking area is also called the Conner Creek Greenway and is rather small totaling about a mile in length, but offers some premium views of the Detroit River and parts of Lake St. Clair.

I hoped that I would have arrived to this location closer to sunrise but that was not in the cards. On the bright side it was a cozy 52 °F (11 °C for everyone else) afternoon. Cozy is a bit subjectively optimistic but, considering it’s February and I am in Michigan 52°F is a pleasant temperature. Especially compared to the ice-storm that is on it’s way today. That being said, there were only few people outside enjoying themselves. As it also happens a flock of Canadian Geese were roosting in the park. This is not unusual for these ridiculous birds as they can be seen in this area all year round.

I feel like this location would be worth exploring again at some point in the future, ideally when spring actually arrives. Not that i mind this mid February false spring that we’re living with but there are plenty of interesting trees and I’m willing to bet that they would be neater with their leaves. It’s just a manner of time until the greener days are upon us.

Habitat Island Gallery

For More Information

Please visit https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/michigan/maheras-gentry-park-path


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5 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday: Habitat Island

    1. Thank you for saying that! I found it to be a charming location as well! Geese are some of my favorite birds to photograph as they have very outgoing personalities.

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      1. The geese that seem to frequent around here don’t really follow people around. Most of the time they like to keep their distant from people. They will hiss at you if you get too close. Some of those geese do not mess around lol.

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