Photo Art Friday: Peculiarly Curious Mysterious Terracotta Kitty

A peculiarly curious mysterious terracotta kitty

He’s a friend of the family, but what’s his deal? I could ask Old Man Long Pockets but that would require having a conversation with Old Man Long Pockets. As fun as those conversations are, if I spark up a conversation now what would we talk about when at the next family event?
For now, all I can do is speculate on the peculiarities of this Terracotta Kitty Cat. What sort of secrets does he keep? Do you think this cat wants to look out the window like the other kitties? Not that there’s much of a view from his window, the squirrels aren’t coming around and won’t be back until spring. As for the birds? They left the neighborhood. Gone to someplace where there’s more food. But the peculiarly curious mysterious Terracotta Kitty? He never complains. He simply sits perched in his feline domain. Stuck in perpetual stoic silence atop a dresser that is his home. For he seldom will roam. Never knocking anything over or causing any sort of mischief, this curious Terracotta Kitty is content to spend his days in stony vigilance in the same room until the heat death of the universe. Or at least until we move to someplace new, ideally with a more pleasant view.

Whichever comes first.

a statue of a cat made out of a terracotta like ceramic sits posed in all its cat like majesty before a green dream like bokeh background

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