Wandering Wednesday: Sunset Point Belle Isle

One regret that I have from my last vacation, which if I were to be honest turned into more of a stay-cation because I had to many things to do around the house that I’d been putting off is that i did not get outside to experience nature. It being February in Michigan means that only those who enjoy the cold spend time outdoors. Fortunately as luck would have it things warmed up and false spring took root which allowed for me to go to one of my favorite places in all of South East Michigan; Sunset Point.

It was about 48°F (8.9°C) when I arrived at Sunset point. There were a decent amount of people out getting fresh air since it’s been so bitterly cold these past couple of weeks. And as they say the weather can turn on a dime especially here in Michigan. Most of the photos i captured on this session occurred from about 5:45pm to about 6pm. I would have stuck around after the sun finally set to capture more images of the sky as it transitioned into night but my luck seem to take a shift for the worst as my battery for my camera died and I failed to locate my spare. It’s not inside my camera bag so I’m hoping it fell out somewhere in my vehicle or it’s someplace back at home. Either way though I should probably order some spares for the next time I’m out in the field so to speak. One hates having to miss out on photographing something worthwhile but can’t because your camera’s battery only last as long as it takes for one to have a brief power nap…

Sunset Point Gallery

About Sunset Point

Sunset Point is located on Belle Isle in Detroit Michigan. It occupies the western most point on the island. From here, you can experience a view of the Detroit skyline as well as neighboring Windsor Canada. Further off in the distance is the Ambassador bridge which connects the United States to Canada and is one of the busiest trucking lanes in all of North America.

For more information about Belle Isle please visit: https://www.belleisleconservancy.org/


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