Wandering Wednesday: Stage Nature Center

a stream in the forest at the stage nature center

This week we manage to wander to Stage Nature Center located in Troy Michigan. Since my last couple of outings weren’t really big on hiking i figured I’d scope out the trail located here.

About Trails

While the nature center itself has set hours access to the trails are from dawn to dusk every day. At just under 2 miles the trails at Nature Stage Center are comprised of four different trails that loop into one another at various points. Most of the photos i capture are of the forested areas but there are also some meadows and marsh areas at this location.

Abundant Wildlife

a wild turkey showing off its leg

As I’ve stated before in pervious posts, i prefer to do my hiking when an area that I’m scouting is least crowed as possible. Not only does it aid in taking great landscapes, but it also helps with observing wildlife. Wild Turkeys are not something you see often as a child growing up in the area but based on my observations over the last decade or so they’ve become much more common.

Deer were also a rather common sight in the area but unfortunately all the shots I took of them were too blurry.

a pair of young dear at stage nature center

Overall, if you desire to explore the greener parts of Metro Detroit, the Stage Nature Center Trails are worth recommended scooping out.

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