Wandering Wednesday: The Rustic Inwood Trails of Stony Creek

This week the location I traveled to is the Inwood Trails which are apart of Stony Creek Metroparks. This section of trails is located in Washington Township Michigan. The Inwood Rustic Trails are one of the many trails you can explore while visiting Stony Creek Metropark. Some would say that this area of the park has some of the best views but I’ll allow you to be the judge of that.

As i was pressed for time i kept my visit to this location brief and stuck to the Pink trail. Should you visit this part of the park something to keep in mind is parts of the trail may be closed off for the season. On this case it’s due to the fact that bald eagles nest in the area and should not be disturbed by humans. Once again i failed to view any Bald Eagles, but I’m still positive they’re hiding out in the area somewhere.

A tip about Hiking in the woods

With it being summer and the Inwood Trails being well, in the woods, it’s a good idea to check yourself for tics once your finished hiking. Tic bites are not pleasant and they run the risk of carrying lyme diseases and other illnesses.

For more information on the Inwood Trails please visit: https://www.metroparks.com/stony-creek-metropark/

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