Wandering Wednesday: Return to the “Secret” Nature Study Area

It’s been a couple of years since I have stepped foot on Macomb Community College’s not so secret Nature Study area that is maintained by the biology department. Since my last visits they have repainted the sign at the beginning of the trail head. You can park rather close to the trail head to although on this visit the parking lot that leads directly to the trail head was closed off. This was due to the fact that it was being used as part of a motor bike course. So i had to park my vehicle near one of the student buildings.

Signs like this one can be found scatter along the trail in the Nature Study Area at Macomb Community College. This particular sign has information on the Ginkgo plant.

There are several of these informative post that detail the local flora and fauna that one might encounter on the trail. Hopefully these will remain standing for some time and won’t be knocked over or destroy anytime soon.

the trail that leads to a clearing in the nature study area.

On this excursion the day was a pleasant 75° or 24° C for the rest of you in the world. There was a slight breeze in the air which makes hiking pleasant. Last time I was here, I wrote about how bad the mosquitoes were but this time around there were not as many. I am not sure if mosquito treatment was applied to the area or if there simply are not as many of these blood suckers this year.

the trail is heavily wooded at the Nature study area
a wooden plank allows hikers to travel across muddy and wet areas at the nature study area at Macomb Community College
majestic trees line the trail of the nature study area at Macomb Community College

Squirrels are a common sight and sometimes but not often you can find deer roaming the area. As this trail is apart of the college campus hunting and trapping of wildlife is expressly prohibited.

near the trail head of the Nature Study area at Macomb Community College's Center campus

Fore more information about Macomb Community College please visit: https://www.macomb.edu/about-macomb/maps-directions/center-campus.html

To view and read about my previous visit to the Nature Study Area follow this link: https://scootypuffsphotostuffs.com/2020/05/17/the-secret-nature-study-area/

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