Wandering Wednesday: The Boardwalk at Lake St.Clair Metro Park

If you’ve noticed that i haven’t been going outside these last couple of weeks due to the winter chill but fortunately over the weekend we had a day where the weather was quite nice and over 50 degrees ( whatever Celsius). However, due to the sudden shift in the weather it made for a rather blustery walk the entire time we were outside. John a friend of mine who sometimes accompanies me on these excursions thought it would be warm enough to forgo his winter coat but with the wind blowing us all about we didn’t get very far. Hence why i only have a couple of shots along the boardwalk.

the snow that was here previously is all but melted all that remains are some scattered puddles in the brown grass at lake st.clair metropark
some small snow banks are all that remain of winter at least for the time being at lake st.clair metro park
the boardwalk at lake st.clair metro park
someone walking into my shot while out and about at lake st.clair metropark

Hopefully as spring gets closer I’ll manage to get outside more. Though if the cost of gasoline continues to go up that might not be the case…

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