Wandering Wednesday: Stony Creek

the winter sun hangs over the park of stony creek located in Washington Michigan

It’s been awhile since I felt brave enough to venture outside, with it being so cold for the past couple of weeks. I had next to little resolve to get outside. But since I’m on vacation this week, i needed to get out before the weather decides to shift.

Honestly it wasn’t too bad. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, the high being in the mid 30’s so it was as warm as it could get before all the snow melts. My only grievance is that on some of the trails are super icy and I nearly faceplanted more times than I care to admit. So i more or less stuck to the paved path that encircles the park after that point.

Not many people were using the trail by the nature center although i did speak to an older couple who were confused about the nature center being closed. I’m not sure how they missed the sign to the center…

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