Wandering Wednesday: Lake St.Clair Metro Park

This week I managed to get a bit further from home making it all the way to Lake St.Clair Metro Park located in Harrison Township Michigan. The weather this morning was a bit snowy so i didn’t want to explore an area that’s too far from home. Then again is it really exploring an area if you’ve visited the same place on and off over the last 30 years?

A life preserver covered in snow near the marina at Lake St.Clair Metropark

My goal at least initially was to get some photos of sunrise but due to the snowy weather that was not going to be the case. The park was surprisingly packed with several people out for a round of ice fishing. It made parking by the lake front next to impossible so i ended up on the opposite side of the park.

wheat frozen over as it's blasted by wintery winds at Lake St.Clair Metro Park
Snow seems to have covered all of lake st.clair.

I would have stayed longer but with it being 17°F or -8 °C i could only endure the fringed cold for about half an hour.

For more information on Lake St.Clair Metro Park please visit: https://metroparks.com/lake-st-clair-metropark/

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