Wandering Wednesday: Dodge Park

During the brief 3 day weekend that was granted to me and the other delivery drones thanks to it being New Years I manage to squeeze out a session at one of my favorite places, Dodge Park. The park is located in the city of Sterling Heights Michigan and the park is open year round from dawn to dusk. Dodge Park is connected to the Clinton River North Park trail which is a fun hike.

This vernal pond is frozen over now but will provide a source of food once it thaws out in spring

On this excursion I stuck to Dodge Park. Primarily because it was a whopping 24 degrees Fahrenheit outside ( -4 degrees Celsius ) and also because I had some much needed laundry to finish before the rest of the week started.

a large group of migrating mallards are foraging for food in the Clinton river

Mallards as you can see from the photo above were swimming about in the Clinton River. From what i understand water fowl will typically stay around an area in winter so long as their is open water. It is pretty unusual though for this many ducks to be in the area. Perhaps they will be moving on soon though as it tends to only get colder for the next couple of weeks.

a view from the walking path at dodge park in sterling heights Michigan

For more information on Dodge Park feel free to visit this site: https://www.sterling-heights.net/339/Parks-Recreation

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