the legendary door stopper sitting atop a cardboard box

I’m sure it’s a bit strange that for this part of the challenge that I would post a photo of a door wedge onto of one of the packages that I deliver for my day job.  It’s stranger still for me to even mention stuff related to my day job on my blog so you know there must be a good story behind the photo. Hopefully I will not disappoint you!

The following story takes place at a mall in one of the suburbs of Detroit. One of the stores that i deliver to is located inside a mall. In this mall there is a shoe store, one of several as shopping malls have a ton of shoe stores but I digress. At this particular shoe store they typically have a huge shipment of items every Wednesday. This store receives up 100-ish boxes worth of shoes.  Needless to say this task can be a bit of a pain because not only is the trucking dock as far away as humanly possible to where i need to go in the mall to make my delivery, I also need to navigate through the twists and turns of the backrooms at the mall and pass through a service door before i can make the trek to the shoe store that i need to deliver to.

This is where the door stop comes into play; it props that set of doors service open so that i dont have to fumble with the door single time i need to cart the next set of shoe boxes into the mall to get to the shoe store. And when the shoe store has over a 100 boxes worth of inventory i pass through that service door several times. Having that door propped open while making my shoe store delivery speeds up my time and with it being the holidays the sooner i am out of the mall the better!

While I was about half way through my shoe store delivery I walk my route through the maze of back rooms to reach the door service door. I was making good time the first couople of trips but on my way back after I had dropped off about 30 boxes. I was making my 4th go for the shoe store only to find that the service door to the mall was shut closed. I wasn’t sure if it was because i placed the door stopper improperly so I had to go and investigate only upon examining the service door and the surrounding area that my door stopper was nowhere to be found!

Who would want a door stopper I cannot say, maybe it was a prank by some jerk-wad teenagers who had nothing better to do? Or maybe security took it out because it violated some security code or something. I was cursing my luck as i had to struggle with the door and pass the cart filled to the brim with shoe boxes through it’s threshold and into the mall. By the time I made it back to the truck dock i was fuming! Foranrely the driver of the truck had a spare door stopper tucked away incase of emergencies. Regardless, as luck would have it there was a spare waiting for in the back of the truck. Hence the photo. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference!

Hope you are having a lovely day!

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