Wandering Wednesday: Draper Twin Lake Park

Peak color for autumn has more or less past and from now until the snow starts to stick around you will see the remnants on some of the trees here in Michigan. Fortunately at the time I captured these photos the trees were still covered in their leafy glory.

In some of the photos you can see hints of the first snowfall the South East Michigan area received since winter and early spring. The temperature being in the mid 30 degree Fahrenheit or around 1 for everyone who uses Celsius. It was quite cold compared to what the weather was like this time of year last year. This is probably why there were no other hikers in the area.

I hope your Wednesday is going well! As for me I am unsure about when the next time I will be able to go wandering again with the Holiday Season being in full swing after American Thanksgiving as that’s when things during my “day” job start to get really hectic. No worries though, I’ll be sure to get back to wandering as soon as I can sneak away!

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To see my previous post about Draper Twin Lake Park follow the link here: https://scootypuffsphotostuffs.com/2021/06/28/hiking-excursions-draper-twin-lake-park/

For more information on Draper Twin Lake Park check out: http://www.oaklandtownship.org/boards_and_commissions/parks_and_recreation/draper_twin_lake_park.php

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