Wandering Wednesday: Cullen Park Trail

In my quest to continue hiking areas around Lake Eerie i happened to stumble upon this cool gem of an area located in the city of Toledo Ohio. The trail offers some pretty amazing views of the Maumee Bay. Maumee Bay eventually feeds Lake Eerie to the North East. Cullen Park has a public boat launch so this is a popular place for boaters.

A marsh pond with a naked tree at Cullen Park located in Toledo Ohio

The hiking trail at Cullen Park passes through a marshy area but as you travel further up the trail things get pretty rocky, especially as you get closer to the bay. But the water was quite calm this time so the path was mostly dry during my hike but based on other accounts that I read on google reviews this area can be flooded from time to time. So if you plan on traveling here keep that in mind.

The sun shines over Cullen State Park in Toledo Ohio.

As for the length of the trail i could not find any official information on long of a hike this trail is but i manage to spend about 2 hours in this location. Not exactly the most reliable way to measure distance especially when you consider how i tend to take my sweet time capturing moments. The park is about 38 acres so i couldn’t imagine the trail would be longer than a mile? But this is only a guess on my part. If i determine how long the trail is I will be sure to revise this part of the post.

the remains of a campfire near the shore of Maumee Bay.

I included a lot of shots in this series but I don’t think anyone really minds? I’ve always been a big fan of lens flare.

A branch of a tree dips into the Maumee Bay at Cullen Park

While i was visiting there were several people fishing in the Maumee Bay and if i had to guess this place seems to be a popular fishing spot. I felt bad climbing the rocks as i was exploring the area so if you happen to be one of those nice fisher people I apologize if i scared the fish away!

Trees with yellow leaves dot the shore at Cullen Park
The landscape of Cullen Park on a crisp Autumn Day is a great way to relax on the weekend.
The sun flares over the Maumee Bay at Cullen Park
Enjoy the foliage of Cullen Park this Autumn
The Board Walk over the marsh at Cullen Park
The sun shines brightly through the trees at Cullen Park

Interesting Facts: There are signs in the area that say Hemlock is said to grow in this area.

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For more information on Cullen Park please visit: http://cullenpark.org/

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