Wandering Wednesday: Red Oaks Nature Center

the paved trail provides a wonderful opportunity to walk through the woods at red oaks nature center

This week’s excursion to the great outdoors takes me to a small park in the city of Madison Heights Michigan. The Redwood Oaks Nature Center occupies about 37 acres of land and its hiking trail is pretty much paved but if you like walks through the woods then I would recommended scoping this place out for yourself.

Since this area has many trees this is a great place for squirrels to make their home and several were all over the walking paths foraging for food in preparation for winter. I’ve personally have spotted deer roaming the area on occasion as well.

For more information on the Center please visit: https://www.oakgov.com/parks/parksandtrails/Red-Oaks/nature-center/Pages/default.aspx

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