Wandering Wednesday: Stony Creek Nature Trails

Authors Note: The photos featured in this post were captured back on October 10th 2021. From November until the middle of January is the time when my company starts to get busy which can make it difficult at times to get out for hiking. This isn’t too say that I will not attempt to go out but I may have to take a brief hiatus as we get closer to the holiday season. Regardless, I’ll keep you all posted!

Stony Creek Nature Trails offers beautiful views of various land features. Here we see the creek surrounded by trees.

I’ve hiked Stony Creek Metropark several times before, as the park has many trails for individuals to hike. Some of the trails like the Nature Trails are strictly for those who wish to have a quiet and relaxing time out in nature. The Nature Trails at Stony Creek do not allow bicycles, runners, or dogs onto this particular section of trail as the goal is to keep conditions pristine and the local wild life undistributed.

Grassy fields lead into the forest on the Stony Creek Nature trails

On this particular outing, it was quite rainy, not to the point where I needed to seek shelter or anything like that but it did make some sections of the trail were bit muddy.

Some logs are partially submerged in the Stony Creek at the Stony Creek Nature trails.
One of the vernal ponds that you can gaze at while hiking the nature trails of Stony Creek.
Honey Cap Mushrooms found while hiking on the Stony Creek Nature Trails at Stony Creek Metro Park

With all this moisture and dampness in the more wooded section of the trail are ideal conditions for the growth of mushrooms. The mushrooms pictured above look as though they are Honey Mushrooms. Honey Mushrooms are poisonous if consumed raw but should you cook them, then they are edible. Personally, I’ve never consumed a Honey Mushroom and I’m not brave or foolish enough to eat random mushrooms growing on the forest floor so perhaps someday I’ll give them a try.

Never eat or consume a wild mushroom unless a mushroom expert has identified said mushroom!

More creek in the background you can see the bridge that passes over the creek.

For more information on Stony Creek please visit: https://metroparks.com/stony-creek-metropark

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