Wandering Wednesday: Port Crescent State Park

A scenic view of the Pinnebog River at Port Crescent State Park

Over the weekend I took a day trip to Port Crescent State park and walked along the beach. This particular park occupies what is 260 acres of land. And is one of seven parks that offers a dark sky preserve in the State of Michigan. It also hosts a camping ground and some spectacular views of Saginaw Bay from the sand dunes. It was quite windy and nearly lost my cap twice because of it while i was exploring the beach.

A sandy landscape mark by pine trees is just some of what you will find at Port Crescent State Park

The last time i was here it was mid April. I made a previous post about my experience then that if you would like to view just follow the link: https://scootypuffsphotostuffs.com/2021/06/21/hiking-port-crescent-state-park/

A narrow path that passes through tall grass that leads to the sand dunes of Port Crescent State Park
landscape of port crescent state park
landscape of port crescent state park

Fun Fact: Apparently, Port Crescent State Park was once upon a time a small town that went by the name of Port Crescent named after the shape of the beach. The lumber town existed back in the 1840’s but due to a series of fires in the 1880’s and a decline in lumber the town more or less vanished. Of course this is a bit of an over simplification as there’s a better article that I’ll link you to at the end incase you were wondering. Supposedly, all that remains of the town is a chimney that can be found near the entrance to the camping area of this park.

Walk along the crescent shaped beach that gives Port Crescent state park it's name
Waves from the Saginaw bay and Lake Huron at Port Crescent State Park

For more information about Port Crescent State Park please visit: https://www2.dnr.state.mi.us/ParksandTrails/Details.aspx?id=486&type=SPRK

For historical information about the Ghost town of Port Crescent please visit: https://thumbwind.com/2021/04/30/ghost-town-michigans-thumb/

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