Wandering Wednesday: Bear Creek Nature Park

Enjoy the view of the Bear Creek Marsh from the boardwalk.

The Bear Creek Nature park is located in Oakland township Michigan. It’s a smaller park as the area is about 107 acres of land.

the boardwalk that leads from the trail to the bear creek marsh

What’s nice about this particular hiking area aching area is how clean it is! No litter anywhere on the trail, it was probably the most pristine hiking area I’ve been to in Michigan to date. The trails is also ADA accessible which is great for people who have issues with mobility and still wish to enjoy the outdoors.

a couple of trees sticking out from the grassy prairies at bear creak marsh

While I was out hiking there were a few other hikers utilizing the trail which is enjoyable, nothing worse than being on a overly crowded trail in my opinion. After all, if i wanted to spend time with a bunch of people and not a ton of tress I’d probably go to the St. Vincent concert or something.

a couple of trees dot the landscape of this open field at Bear Creek Nature Park in Oakland Township
a wooded area at Bear Creek Nature Park
Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of lens flare?
A limestone trail traverses the landscape of Bear Creek Nature Park

Fun Fact: Bear Creek Nature Park has an ice rink that sadly is not pictured here. I don’t recall the last time i went ice-skating but perhaps when winter does come I should give it a try once more.

A Pond in a wooded area at Bear Creek Nature Park.

For more information about the Bear Creek Nature Park please visit: http://www.oaklandtownship.org/boards_and_commissions/parks_and_recreation/bear_creek_nature_park.php

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Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

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