Wandering Wednesday: The Clinton River Trail

The Clinton River Trail. Back in it’s heyday it was a railroad but now it’s a hiking trail. The trail extends across Oakland County Michigan through suburban, urban and rural areas of the norther suburbs of Detroit. The entire trail is about 16 miles long or 25.75 Km for the rest of you out in the world. The portion I hiked is located in Rochester Hills Michigan and is about 4 miles long or 6.4 km.

The Clinton River Trail curves off into the woods on a warm autumn afternoon

The Clinton River Trail is a small section of the Great Lake to Lake Trail which begins or ends in South Haven Michigan on the west side of the state near and extends to Port Huron Michigan on the eastern coast of Michigan. I’ve never hiked the trail in it’s entirety but I suppose that could change at some point in the future. But probably not anytime soon as to walk the trail by foot it would take about 7 days and 6 nights to cross it and that’s if you are traveling at a decent pace.

A view of the Clinton River as seen from the Clinton River Trail

As you can see from the photos, it is autumn in south east Michigan. Although, I should mention that peak color for the foliage that one associates for fall is not predicted to occur until the middle of October. Though it varies from area to area as the further north you go the earlier the color change seems to occur.

A wooded portion of the Clinton River Trail.
forest meadow full of logs and grass
The Clinton River

Fun Fact: The Clinton River trails is a small segment of what will eventually be the Great Lake to Lake Trail which stretches’ from South Haven on the west side of the state all the way east to Port Huron.

For more information on the Clinton River Trail please visit: http://www.clintonrivertrail.org/about.html

For more information on the Great Lake to Lake trail please visit: https://greatlaketolaketrails.org/

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