Wandering Wednesday: Cranberry Lake Park

This time around my wandering brought me to a small park located in Oakland Township Michigan called Cranberry Lake Park. Cranberry Lake park encompasses about 213 acres of land. The trail loop itself is about 1.8 miles long or 2.89 km for the rest of you in the world.

While on my hiking excursion I came across a woman who was walking her dogs and a group of 3 people, an older man, perhaps his wife and daughter so this does not seem to be frequently hiked area which is ideal if you do not like crowds.

There is a path that travels to Cranberry Lake but there is no access to the lake itself at the time of writing this article. Perhaps that could change in the future but I cannot say.

What is also noteworthy about this area is that the Afford-Coffin farmstead is located here which is a historic site dating back to the 1840’s. I’d give you more information about that but I was really only in the area to check out the hiking trail but perhaps at a future date I could dig up some information.

For more information about Cranberry Lake Park please visit: http://www.oaklandtownship.org/boards_and_commissions/parks_and_recreation/cranberry_lake_park.php

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