Wandering Wednesday: Bald Mountain Recreation Area

Today’s destination for wandering is the Bald Mountain Recreation Area. It’s not a mountain nor is it bald but hey, if it were up to me to come up with the name for this place it would probably be something ridiculous as pretty wooded area number 53 or something else as asinine. Almost as ridiculous as the amount of construction going on with all the roads right now in Michigan. But I digress.

A road that travels through Bald Mountain Recreation Area in Lake Orion Michigan.
a scenic view of Upper Trout Lake.
One of the hiking trails at Bald Mountain Recreation Area

Bald Mountain Rec Area is located in Lake Orion Michigan. The area is over 4637 acres and has a ton of activities such as fishing, hiking, some beaches for swimming as well as a modern accessible shooting range and hunting areas.

Limbs of a fallen tree rest atop of the waters of Upper Trout Lake at Bald Mountain recreation Area in Lake Orion Michigan.
A slight twist in the trail as it heads deeper into the woods at Bald Mountain recreation area.

Instead of going on a proper trail I parked near a picnic area by the Upper Trout Lake. There are several unmarked trail all around Upper Trout Lake which I spent the greater part of my afternoon shambling around in hopes of capturing some wildlife on film, well more like on smartphone and/or sd card.

Big fluffy white clouds cross the sky just above Upper Trout Lake

For more information about Bald Mountain Recreation Area please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bald_Mountain_Recreation_Area

For a map of the Bald Mountain State Recreation Area please visit: https://www2.dnr.state.mi.us/Publications/PDFS/RecreationCamping/bald_mountain_map.pdf

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