Wandering Wednesday: West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve Trail

Evidently there was some sort of problem with dog waste in this particular park as there are several signs reminding those who take their canines to this area that should your dog mess, be sure to clean up after it. Dog waste is not a fertilizer and has been known to carry parasitic worms. Yikes!

But enough about doggie waste, lets get to why you actually come here, the fun pictures and the random pieces of information I acquire and share with you.

swampy marshland at the West Bloom Field Nature Trail

Fun Fact 1: The West Bloomfield Nature Preserve is a stop along the West Bloomfield trail that runs South of the Pontiac trail.

A rock in the foreground of the woods at the West Bloomfield Nature Preserve

Fun Fact 2: If you were to walk all loops that are incorporated by the West Bloomfield Nature preserve then you would travel about 2 miles. Not long hike but a nice place to go for a walk none the less.

The trail leads further into woods at the West Bloom Field Nature Preserve Trail

Fun Fact 3: Bikes are prohibited on this trail. Wouldn’t want to scare any of the local wild life with your mountain bike would you?

Verdant plant life near a small pond at the West Bloom Field Nature Preserve trail.

For more information on the West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve please visit: https://www.wbparks.org/west-bloomfield-woods-nature-preserve.html

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