Wandering Wednesday: Return to Don Green Nature Way

a hiking trail along the don green way nature trail

It’s been awhile since I hiked along this particular trail. It’s just as green as it was last year, perhaps greener due to all the summer rain we in Michigan have received recently. That being said be sure to bring the big spray; there are a ton of mosquitoes in the area.

Greenery that decorates the path along The Don Green Way Nature Trail

They say you should hike when the temperature is going to be on the cooler side so ideally early morning is best or dusk is also ideal if you like to capture sunsets. That being said I went just after 1pm local time and it was close to 90 degrees or 32 celsius for the rest of you nice people out in the world. But a little heat won’t stop me. Although if you do go out be sure to bring some water. If it’s too hot for you though and you’re vulnerable to heat stroke you should probably wait until things cool off before venturing out.

The Don Green Way Nature Trail
view of the Clinton River along the Don Green Way Nature Trail

Fun Fact: Some parts along the Don Green Nature Way you can find vestiges of the old Clinton Kalamazoo Canal that was abandoned in 1840’s.

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