Hiking Excursion: Indian Springs Metropark

These photos were captured back in May 2021.

Indian springs Metro Park is located in White Lake Michigan and is about an hours drive from downtown Detroit. The park encompasses over 2215 acres of land most of which is in the woods.

a field of small trees at Indian Springs Metro Park

Overall I was quite impressed with the trails here at this park. Although I should point it that it is recommend that you stick to the main trail as Indian Springs Metropark is home to the only poisonous snake native to Michigan. It’s rather uncommon to see them in the wild as this rattler tends to be shy and actively avoids humans when possible. It’s usually a good idea to avoid walking in tall grass and if you are hiking you should ideally be wearing long pants and shoes to help prevent snake bites.

a vast open field with trees in the background at Indian Springs Metro Park.
a view of a pond with trees in the background
the hiking path gives way to a board walk as you continue your hike through the forest.
a view of timberland lake with some barren trees to the left. in the background their or more trees.
a hiking path through the woods at Indian Springs Metro Park
the boardwalk curves to the left with trees on both sides. swamp grass is vining up the sides of the boardwalk.

For more information about Indian Springs Metro Park please visit: https://www.metroparks.com/parks/indian-springs-metropark/

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