Sunrise on the beach of William C Sterling State Park

The silhouette of a tree near the shore of Lake Erie at William C State Park In Monroe Michigan

From what I understand, William C Sterling Park which I will refer to as Sterling State Park for the sake of brevity claims to be the only Michigan park along lake Erie which I guess is technically true as the Erie Metro Park that I wrote about before is located at the mouth of the Detroit River and then begins to empty into Lake Erie.

If you arrive at an area that has a beach and the sun is rising or setting as a photographer you should do your diligence and take the best photos while you have excellent lighting. It may be called golden hour but as time ellipse, so does the optimal light!

barbecue with a view!

I spent most of my time out along Sterling State Parks beach which is about a mile long. The park also offers hiking trails and perhaps on my next visit I’ll explore them.

For more information about William C Sterling State Park please visit:


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