Wolcott Mill Metro Park- A hike along the North Branch Trails

Photos were captured originally on July 4 2021

A sign with the map of the north Branch trails.
It’s always nice when the map for a walk path at the location you’re walking through.

What I like best about this area of the park is the amount of flowers. Plenty of flowers means there are many opportunities to capture images of birds and insects and other wildlife.

several flowers

more flowers
Day Lilly's are just some of the flowers you can find at Wolcott Mills.

a grassy trail path leads out of a wooded area on the North Branch Trail at Wolcott Mills.

I did manage to find a small patch of tress that i could be in the shade, at least for a little while. Most of the trail is on a paved path, it would’ve been nicer to hike along more natural and unpaved trails but you can’t have everything.

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