Hiking Excursions Draper Twin Lake Park

Author’s Note: The Photos feature in this post were captured on June 17 2021

Located in Rochester Michigan, this isn’t what I would call a typical hike. In fact I stumbled upon this particular location by random chance. Originally, I had plan on traveling to a different area to capture some photos of the sunrise. As luck would have it though the park that I wanted to visit initially was closed. the entrance to said park being barricaded I decided it would be best to simply change course and travel in a different direction until I found my way to the western trail head of this park.

The hiking trail that leads to Draper Twin Lake curves to the right surround by trees on both sides of the path. In the background you can see the glow of sunlight.

Draper Twin Lake Park is not a large park, as the area the park occupies is only about 90 acres. Draper Twin Lake park has two trails in which visitors can explore an eastern trail which is longer loop and a western trail that leads to a fishing and observation area on Draper Twin Lake.

Draper Twin Lake at sunrise.
Daisy's are just some of the flowers you will see while exploring Draper Twin Lake Park

While there were several different variety of wild flowers decorating the trail, for whatever reason there seems to be a plethora of daisies in the area.

A lone Tree encountered at Draper Twin Lake Park.
Sun rise in the woods at Draper Twin Lake Park.

The remoteness of the area attracts a variety of wildlife such as deer, cranes, and wild turkeys. Regretfully, this time I did not see any wildlife but there’s always next time!

For more information about Draper Twin Lake Park please visit: http://www.oaklandtownship.org/boards_and_commissions/parks_and_recreation/draper_twin_lake_park.php


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