Hiking Excursions at Port Crescent State Park

Author’s Note: The photos featured in this post were captured in the beginning of April 2021.

When I was a teenager I recall passing through Port Huron on a road trip with some friends into Canada.

I never explored any of the area or any of it’s parks or hiking trails. So i was pretty eager to see the scenery that this particular State Park has to offer. My journey began on a Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t expect to see anyone on the trail and for the most part my hiking experience was a solitary one.

I spent a fair amount of time just hanging out along the the sand dunes before I resumed my treck through the area.

As I concluded my journey through the trails I came rather close to a wild turkey that was roosting on a log not far from the trail, neither myself nor this giant bird were expecting to cross paths but unfortunately the turkey was too quick in it’s escape for me to capture it on film. Better luck next time I suppose…

The Port Crescent Park is also one of the few parks in the Michigan where that has a dark sky preserve so you can do some star grazing. As I live in an urban environment it’s difficult to see the stars in the night sky as there’s too much light pollution. Perhaps the next time I visit I’ll come when it’s a dark clear night to see some stars.

For more information about Port Crescent State Park please feel free to visit: https://www2.dnr.state.mi.us/parksandtrails/Details.aspx?type=SPRK&id=486

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