A Wintry Sunrise at Lake Erie Metropark Park

A wintry sunrise on Lake Erie.

Author’s Note: The original photos were captured back in March 2021

Early morning twilight in the sky over a marshy field. The sky is aglow with shades of purple, orange and indgo.

On this day it was just over 17 degrees Fahrenheit or -8 Celsius if you belong to the rest of the world. I honestly do not know why people in the US are so resistant to using the Metric scale, it just makes more logical sense!

In the shadows of  the twilight sky are an icy shore, on the right in the photo is a silhouette of a tree

Needless to say it was super cold! My roommate accompanied me as he wanted something to do but upon reaching our destination, he refused to leave the warmth of my car. I can’t say I blame him! Winter can be rough if you do not like the cold especially here in Michigan. Still, a little bit of cold weather isn’t going to deter me from capturing those ideal images!

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