Forest in Pink

a swamp filled with alge that is surrounded by trees. The trees have been edited to be a hot rosy pink color.

Hopefully you are enjoying your memorial day weekend if you are lucky to have this weekend off from work! I was fortunate to not have to go to my day/night job and got to enjoy my time at home and I spent a majority of that time editing photos. What can i say it’s one of my favorite hobbies!

Same vibrant colors but a bit more on the muted side.

It is funny how by merely changing a color of something in a photo how dramatically different an imagine becomes.

The swamp in all of its non edited glory

This particular area of swamp will in all likelihood dry out as the weather transitions into warmer temperatures. Although I enjoy the summer, it tends to get rather humid here in Michigan. Hopefully this summer that will not be the case but, that’s really just wishful thinking on my part. My thoughts and desires have no effect on the weather…

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