The American Toad

A fairly common amphibian which is native to the eastern United States and some parts of Ontario, it’s not unusual to see these guys hopping around in late spring. Although they can be tough to spot given at how excellent they camouflage themselves in woodland surroundings.

An American Toad blending into its surroundings on the forest floor.
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Fun Fact: American toads have glands that allow them to produce a poisonous milky fluid that tastes bad to many of it’s would be predators. This poison is not harmful to humans however, if you are going to handle a toad or any animal for that matter it’s import to wash you hands once you are done touching said animal.

A toad on the forest floor.

Fun fact 2: Most species of toad will live on average of 3 to 5 years. In some instances where the toad is brought into captivity they can live for as long as 39 years!

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