Morning Twilight on the Clinton River

Sunrise on the Clinton River

These photos were originally captured back in March 2021 at Shady Side Park in Mount Clemens Michigan. On this particular day, I finished with my shift at my “day” job early. And it just so happened that the finished early enough that I could capture some twilight photos.

The Clinton river at twilight.

Fun Fact: The Clinton River gets its name from DeWitt Clinton who was a governor of the State New York in the 1820’s. He presided over the construction of the Eerie Canal. The Eerie Canal connects the Great Lakes to New York City and The Atlantic Ocean. The Eerie Canal is still in use today as a major waterway for international shipping.

The Clinton River at Twilight. There are 2 ducks making ripples in the water in this photo.
The ripples!

I wish I had more opportunities to take photos during twilight. I usually miss morning twilight due to working my “day” job. And since I start work at 3AM i typically am in bed before sunset occurs so I only have 2 days out of the week for when I can photograph this daily phenomenon. And that’s if the weather cooperates with me. I guess if anything that is what makes these types of photos so special.

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