Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron wading in a pond.

This image was originally captured back in October 2020. I was on one of my many, many excursions to Stony Creek Metro Park located in Washington Michigan, I remember trying to get closer to the bird but alas, it did not want me getting any closer, so it flew away. I wonder what ever became of this bird. Did he or she fly off to some other part of the world to start a new life as a sales associate for some box store that cannot hire seem to hire human works and so in order to address the labor shortage they hired this particular bird? We may never know…

The Great Blue Heron can live in either fresh water or saltwater habitats. So it could be anywhere. These birds can also be found foraging in fields or grasslands looking for something to eat. Great Blue Herons are not picky eaters as they seem to like anything it can catch such as fish, amphibians, reptiles small mammals, insects and even other birds. If given the chance I am almost positive a Great Blue Heron would eat White Castle. Their nest ideally are located near their food source because who wants to travel far for a bite to eat? I know I do not. I don’t even like having to go upstairs to visit the kitchen when I’m home and that’s only going a couple of feet. Now if I could fly like the Great Blue Heron I’d probably make more trips to get sushi than i already do, although birds like the Great blue Heron don’t have to worry about paying for their meals.

For more information about the Great Blue Heron visit:

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