Sun Rise Across The St. Clair River

All of the photos featured in this post were captured back in early March 2021 along the St. Clair River at the Algonac State Park located in Algonac Michigan.

A silhouette of a tree as the sun rises over the St.Clair River. In the background there is a boat.

The St.Clair River is an international boundary between the United States of America and Canada. The river flows from Lake Huron into Lake St.Clair. It is not uncommon to see big cargo ships traveling along this waterway. Unfortunately luck was not on my side as I did not see any such vessel on this excursion.

The sun is rising over the St.Clair River. In the foreground there are rocks.

While visiting the park I stuck primarily along the beach however the park does offer some hiking trails that you can explore. But one should be careful as hunting is permitted in certain areas of the park.

Sunrise on a beach at the Algonac State Park.

Not much if anything matches the natural beauty of a sunrise or sunset. And each one is unique in the way ot presents itself so it’s always a pleasant surprise and unique experience when you get to witness one.

A silhouette of a man as he watcjrs the sun rise over the St.Clair River.
This is probably my favorite “selfie” that ive taken in a long time.

For more information about Algonac State Park and what it has to offer you can visit:

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