The Random Animals of Belle Isle

Some of the critters that i found while roaming Belle Isle over the weekend.

Groundhog scourging through the grass.

I must have spent a solid five minutes trying to capture a good shot of this ground hog. He kept sticking his head back into the grass. Don’t you just hate it when your model doesn’t wish to cooperate with you? I swear you can’t find good subjects nowadays…

A Judgemental Seagull

I’m not sure what was up with this seagull. They do not seem amused by the random literature that was left on the ground. Perhaps they prefer the sty lings of James Patterson? It’s hard to say.

A squirrel enjoying a random trash peanut.

This squirrel ever the opportunist retrieve this peanut from a near by trashcan. And who could blame them, after all, trash peanuts are the best of peanuts! Do you think squirrels are only well liked because of their giant bushy tails?

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