Belle Isle: Sunset Point

Why do they call this particular spot Sunset Point? It should be obvious given how you can take awesome photographs of the City of Detroit from here at sunset. Although when i was visiting this location this past weekend, it was quite cloudy. Still, i think they’re some decent captures but you can be the judge of that.

A tree on Belle Isle.

Fun Facts: Originally the island was called Hog island named as such because the French settlers allowed their pigs to roam around the place freely. The name would be changed to Belle Isle in 1845 which translates to “beautiful island.”

Detroit City Skyline at Sunset
beautiful sunset over downtown Detroit on Belle Isle.
Photo of the Detroit River.

Some more fun facts: Belle Isle is the Unite States largest Island park at 982 acres. It is larger than Central Park. Another interesting fact, both parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Boating like a boss on the Detroit River.
Beautiful sunset at Sunset Pointe Belle Isle

For more information on Belle Isle check out the following website:

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