Sunset in the Marsh

Over the holiday weekend one of my roommate’s had a guest over, and rather than wanting to intrude I decided that it would be an opportune time to venture out into the wilderness and capture some images. Little did i know that this would be last time I’d be capturing images using the forward facing camera on my phone.

So what happened?

you never know what could be lurking in the marsh.

Let’s just say that if a trail is marked off as closed, it is probably closed for a real good reason. In this instance the nature trail turned into a board walk that leads out directly into the marsh area. Due to above average levels of water within Lake St.Clair which the marsh boarders, the board walk was flooded. So naturally the area was closed off. Did you think this little fact would deter me?

The sides of the board walk were still above water and were narrow, but not so narrow as to be impossible for someone to walk across as though they were on a balance beam. Me being the brilliant genius that I am thought i could cross the flooded path in this fashion.

sunset over the marshland.

I was so close to making it to the other side too! But alas iut was not to be, i misplaced my footing and over the edge i fell. down into the tepid marsh water I emerged several seconds later drenched; just sopping wet, with marsh water and algae. Initially, a feeling of dread took hold of me; my electronics chiefly my camera and my phone were most likely damaged beyond repair. But I did not desire to spend anymore time standing ideal in the swamp so i figured i could slog my way through the water to get to the other side which was really only a couple feet away for me at this point.


Fortunately, my camera was undamaged thank to my duffel bag. You’ve just got to love water proof bags. As for my phone, it still functions albeit the forward facing camera no longer works. But i suppose this is okay for the time being. I’m lucky that nothing more serious happened.

So let this be a lesson for all of you out there on the internet not to trek on trails that are closed.

It was worth falling into the marsh just to snap this photo!
And there you have it, the “final” photo from my camera phone!

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