Adventures at Kensington Metro Park: Why it’s important to map out your route

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve gone to several different parks and nature areas throughout the Metro Detroit Region. It’s been a fun exercise and challenge to show off the different recreation locations in the region. This latest excursion I went on over the on this Holiday Weekend was to Kensington Metro Park located out in Milford and South Lyon Michigan. It’s a fairly large park covering over 4400 acres.

This is the second time in recent memory that I’ve visited this location. Normally and what most smart people would do before heading to an area they are not familiar with is to scope out a map of location. Not me! In my haste to get out and snap photos i complete forgot!

Here are some of the shots.

This swan is probably judging me for being a dink for not knowing where I’m going in the park.

You would be surprised at the number of swans floating around there area. There’s a lot of water at Kensington Park. That’s because Kent Lake is huge! Although technically Kent Lake is a section of the Huron River, the lake exists because a portion of the river is dammed up.

During the Summer and the Fall you can ride on a pontoon boat around the Lake although this service is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several people were fishing or picnicking near sports along the Lake. There were a couple of people who had hammocks in the area as well. Paddle boats were also a common sight this afternoon as the weather was quite warm for it. Although i imagine the water is still quite cold and will be cold until summer progresses.


Normally I try to photography different wild flowers in the area but unfortunately the only flowers I found were these dandelions. While I think they get a bad rep for being “weeds” they are quite important to the environment as they provide a food source for bumble bees.

Kensington Metro Park is definitely worth taking multiple trips to see; The park covers a lot of area and has a variety of activities for you or your family. Just don’t be like me and actually plan out your outing.

So in my haste i forgot to check the map to figure out where I would be hiking. Naturally i drove around a bit aimlessly until i pulled over to some areas that I thought had trails. Sadly one of these “trails” was not a trail and I got too close to a person who had set up a hammock. I came to close and got the dirtiest of looks. In my defense, you shouldn’t really expect too much privacy in a public park but I will admit that I should’ve planned my trip better.

Bottom Line: Check your map. Knowing what route you’ll take ahead of time can be helpful. You can figure out where emergency markers are from some maps as well as places where you can access water. Not that I would recommend drinking water you find out on the trail unless you happen to have the stuff you need to purify the water.

For more information on that feel free to check out this article from the American Hiking Society.

Also for more information on Kensington Metro Park please feel free to visit the official website at:

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