Adventures in Stony Creek: The Osprey Trail

A photo of a field on the Osprey Trail at Stony Creek Metro Park In Washington Michigan

The weather was so nice and sunny yesterday and I knew that if i did not head out to go hiking at that moment, I’d regret it later. So why take the chance?

A map of Stony Creek. The Osprey trail is highlighted in red.

The Osprey trail of Stony Creek is about a 2 mile hike that loops around the western portion of Stony Creek Lake. The elevation grain for the trail is about 88 feet. It’s a moderately difficult trail but it’s short. The trail is named after the Osprey, a species of birds that are sometimes called sea hawks that feed exclusively off fish. Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there was an effort to re-introduce the species to the area that met with some success. Sadly, on this outing I did not get a glimpse of these birds to share with you.

But I did manage to take some decent shots to share with you!

Tree Flowers

Due to the rain from the previous three days the trail was muddy in some parts. In other parts there was some mild flooding but nothing that made the trail inaccessible.

A hiking path on the Osprey Trail.

The highlight of my excursion? Probably meeting this lovely girl named Ruby. Who was out accompanying her owner while out on the trail. Such a friendly, funny face! Aren’t dogs the best?

A photo of Ruby the dog on the Osprey Trail.

Aside from Ruby and her owner I did not cross pathes with other people while out on the trail. I’m not sure if it was because it was still early, and by early i mean early afternoon but other sections of the park were quite busy.

a photo of the Osprey trail leading into the woods.

Other animals that I saw were chipmunks, squirrels, insects and a couple of garter snakes. The latter of which i tried to photograph but each one proved to be elusive. And i’m not about to grab a snake of any kind off the ground just for the sake of taking a photo.

A green grassy field on the Osprey Trail.

It’s nice to see everything turning green once again.

A photo of the forest hiking path on the Osprey Trail.

This is probably my favorite capture i got this time around. To me it beacons me to follow the path deeper down to discover the secrets of the mysterious woods, who knows what you’ll find?

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