Day 59 of SIP in Michigan: An Ease of Restrictions

With Memorial Day approaching, the unofficial start of summer tourist season is about to get underway; or at least that would normally be the case given that we live in the era of COVID-19 pandemic. Travel is still restricted in some capacity here in Michigan but there seems to be a glimmer of hope for those whom call the Mitten State home. All of the Upper Peninsula( or the UP as we who live in the lower part of the mitten call it.) as well as several counties in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula will be able to open some of the regular retail, restaurant, bars, and other businesses. Albeit in a limited capacity this upcoming Friday. While this doesn’t affect me directly as I live in the Detroit region, I still think this is a promising sign. Although I wouldn’t get overly excited just yet as I’m not sure everyone flocking to those regions would be wise at this point in time.

The MERC regions map which divides the State of Michigan into 8 regions. The Regions are as follows: 1. Detroit Region, 2. Grand Rapids Region, 3 Kalamazoo Region, 4. The Saginaw Region, 5. Lansing Region, 6. Traverse City Region, 7. Jackson Region, 8 The entire Upper Peninsula.
Photo by the State of Michigan. A Map of Michigan divided by Economic Regions.

Aside from manufacturing and agriculture, tourism is one of the major industries within the state of Michigan. Bot the UP and the Traverse City Regions depend a lot on summer tourism… but some of us are not so eager as to start flocking back into the social settings and life as it was before The Rona took over. Originally, I was planning on visiting the UP at some point during the summer to partake in a camping trip with some friends. The UP also has plethora of beautiful wilderness landscapes and hiking trails that I would love to capture and document. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen. My trip isn’t out of the question, but at this point in time I feel that it would be wise to postpone my travel plans, at least for the moment.

An ease of social distancing restrictions would be nice for those of us here in the regions that are still under “lock down” with the shelter in place order. However, I also understand that in order for some semblance of “normality” to return, re-opening of economy needs to be done in a safe as possible manner. I’m worried that opening things up will cause a spike in cases of COVID-19 but, realistically people are getting restless. With warmer weather on it’s way it’s only natural for people to want to go out and experience life once more. As for me what I miss the most out of my Pre-Rona life was being able to see friends for game night every week, or how we would hold bonfires on the weekends. I even miss eating in overly crowded restaurants at this point and normally I hate crowds!

As spring gives away to summer and people begin to think about heading outside just please be sure to do so in a smart manner by taking proper precautions. Practice social distancing and be sure to wash those hands and not to touch your face. Truthfully though, I don’t believe this public health concern will not go away until a vaccine for the virus is found. But I’m not giving up on hope that it can be found within our lifetime. And neither should you.

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