The “Secret” Nature Study Area

I guess it’s not really much of a secret if there’s a giant sign pointing the place out. Anyways, nothing like a weekend hike after a stressful work week! My latest excursion was to the Nature Study Area of Macomb Community College Center Campus which is located in the city of Clinton Township Michigan. Since the Corona virus took the planet by storm, schools including college campuses within the state of Michigan are closed. As you may have guessed the campus was deserted except for a couple of vehicles. If you enjoy solitude out doors then this is a great place to visit.

And now for the pictures!

The area runs through a decently sized forested area. If you plan on exploring the woods be sure to bring some sort of insect repellent. As spring gives way to summer, bugs such as mosquitoes and ticks will be out in full force. To protect yourself from bug bites you could wear pants and/or long sleeved shirts as less exposed skin means less risk of being bit.

This pond seems to be constant year round unlike other ponds in the area. While I was attending college here this was one of the spots I would go to on breaks.

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